Leather and Stripes

by isabellarosecantillano


Winter often depresses me because the weather is usually pretty dismal where I live, and the snow that does fall usually gets destroyed by mud and rain. While I get my Winter wardrobe put together, I’m posting photographs of a few Autumn outfits that I was too occupied to post at the proper time. The above cardigan is one of my favorite cardigans because it’s Missoni for Target and because the colors are flawless. I’ve been wearing it with jeans lately because I don’t own many skirts, and because I like the silhouette of a cardigan with skinny jeans.


Ignore my hideous hair in the above photograph, because this was taken before I finally dyed my hair back to my natural hair color. I really like the back of this top, because it’s very intricate and elegant.


I’ve become obsessed with driving shoes. I already own two pairs. This pair is definitely my favorite pair because the color is bright without being garish and because they’re somehow more regal and more elegant than ballet flats.


Once again, ignore my awful hair in the above photograph. The sweater shown here recently died, and I’m pretty devastated about it. The sleeve caught on something and became irreparably mangled. I loved that sweater, and I’m already looking for a replacement. Charcoal gray over-sized sweaters are always my favorite sweaters. I still own this leather jacket, and it’s one of my favorite jackets. I like it because it’s tailored and versatile, and because it’s simultaneously tough and feminine.


A horrid closeup of my awful hair.

Clothing credits (from top): Cardigan, Missoni for Target; Top, brand unknown; shoes, Gap; Jeans, Old Navy; Jacket, H&M; Sweater, Gap; Top, brand unknown; Boots, Gap; Barrette, Forever21