by isabellarosecantillano


To celebrate our new style column at my school’s newspaper, my friend Skye and I decided to have a photo shoot during lunch. I am excited to finally have a friend who insisted on retaking her series of photographs due to the fact that her over-the-knee socks had fallen below the knee. While researching various fashion blogs as inspiration for our column, Skye decided that her favorite fashion blog is Cupcakes and Cashmere.


Skye often cites Blair Waldorf as her style inspiration, and that is another reason why we are friends. She had a bit of a meltdown the other day when she found out that Rugby Ralph Lauren is going out of business because that is where she buys all of her clothes. When I remarked that her comments that she is “weaning herself” off of Rugby Ralph Lauren clothing made her sound like a drug addict, she simply laughed and responded that she is “addicted to Rugby Ralph Lauren.” I have definitely found my fashion partner in crime.


A few people on the street stared at us like we were crazy, but we were completely unapologetic because having a photo shoot during lunch seemed appropriate.


I kind of died over her biker boots, because the buckles were fabulous and complimented her preppy outfit perfectly.


Skye forced me to upload this to her Facebook wall after I commented that it looked like a still from a Pantene commercial, and it could also be a photograph from a Rugby Ralph Lauren catalogue.


These boots are literally perfect.



My hair looks fabulous again because I dyed it back to my natural hair color.


I’ve only worn this blazer and these booties a handful of times, and I’ve only worn this blouse once. I decided to wear this outfit because it looked professional without feeling stuffy or overly mature. Even when I’m trying to look sophisticated, I like to keep it youthful because I hate when young people look too mature. I think you can be simultaneously elegant and youthful, so I’m careful when I’m choosing preppy pieces like blazers or blouses.


I love these booties.

Skye’s Clothing Credits: Duffle Coat, Rugby Ralph Lauren; Tartan Shorts, Rugby Ralph Lauren; Ruffle Shirt, Rugby Ralph Lauren; Suede Patch Pullover, Rugby Ralph Lauren; Boots, Lucky Brand; Knee Socks, Hue

Isabella’s Clothing Credits: Blazer, Gap;  Blouse, Gap; Jeans, Old Navy; Shoes, Steve Madden